Where Can You Find Custom Concrete Solutions in Kent, Olympia, and Lakewood, WA, for Your Next Project?

Where Can You Find Custom Concrete Solutions in Kent, Olympia, and Lakewood, WA, for Your Next Project?

call on R & M: Your local concrete demolition and replacement specialists

For a solid solution that'll keep your surfaces looking great for years, rely on us to give you quality concrete you can stand on. With expertise in demolishing, removing and repouring concrete, R & M Enterprises can complete your project efficiently.

Whether you need a new concrete driveway, want to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a stamped patio, you'll find the contractors you need at R & M Enterprises serving Lacey, Olympia, and Lakewood, WA, and surrounding areas.

Comprehensive expertise on any custom concrete-related project

With years of experience in the concrete industry, R & M Enterprises has the skills to complete any concrete project you throw our way. We will come to your home and walk you through the entire process so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

We are experienced with a variety of concrete-related projects, including driveways and patios. Once you choose to work with R & M Enterprises, we will:

•Demolish old concrete
•Set forms
•Remove failing subgrade if needed
•Lay down crushed material
•Compact the subgrade
•Install rebar
•Pour concrete
•Trowel concrete
•Remove forms

After the forms are removed, we will clean the area and leave your home looking better than ever. If you're ready to replace your crumbling concrete or start a new project, trust us to provide you with top-quality service in Lacey, Kent, Covington, and Lakewood, WA, and surrounding areas.

Enjoy the aesthetic benefits of beautiful concrete

Although sidewalks and driveways are what people think of first when concrete comes to mind, there are a variety of other applications concrete can be used for. Entertain family and friends on your beautifully stamped concrete patio or enhance the curb appeal of your home with a new concrete walkway. Whichever you choose, you won't regret working with us.

We pride ourselves on keeping every customer informed throughout the process, providing exceptional customer care and great concrete service. Fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate!

We are proud to be an environmentally conscious company. This video shows how we recycle concrete and then use it to compact the subgrade beneath new concrete to provide a stable base for the new and curing concrete.

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