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Although concrete installation is a complicated process, at R & M Enterprises-serving Lacey and Olympia, WA, and surrounding areas-we have the experienced contractors you need to ensure your concrete project is completed smoothly. We use the most efficient concrete demolition, removal and re-pouring techniques to give you a solidly-finished surface you'll be satisfied with for years.

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Site work

Before your concrete project begins, the area will be cleared, cleaned and prepared. We typically use site clearing equipment to speed up the removal process and rid the area of grass, rocks, trees, shrubs and old concrete. Unless the dirt underneath the cleared area is already stable and compacted, at R & M Enterprises we will put down at least a four inch subgrade of road base. Because a properly prepared subgrade is paramount for ensuring your concrete cures correctly, the material is compacted with extra attention paid to the edges.

Forming & Rebar

Once the subgrade is prepped, our concrete contractors will set the form in place. We use wooden forms held by stakes in almost every residential concrete installation project. At R & M Enterprises, we only rely on boards that aren't warped and are in good condition. Using our expertise, we'll make sure the form is properly sloped for drainage and that the wood forms clean corners. Specific forms and pouring methods are used for stairs. After the form is set, rebar is placed to greatly increase the lifespan of your concrete project.


Once the sub-grade is compacted and the form is set, it's time to pour concrete. The minimum amount of concrete used for any residential project is 470 pounds per yard of concrete. This number is increased for cold climates to prevent the smooth finish from wearing away. The concrete will arrive in a ready-mix truck, allowing the concrete to be poured directly from the truck into the form, if possible. While concrete is being poured, we will stir the porous liquid to ensure no voids or air pockets appear.

Early finishing

After your concrete is poured, we'll use a metal or wooden board to screed the top which compacts, smooths and levels the material. Once screeded, the concrete is floated using a special tool called a bull float. Using either a small handheld trowel for edges or a large trowel for bigger areas, floating the surface of the concrete compacts and smooths it even further.

Finish and curing

Once every step is completed, including troweling, the finish is applied. Typically, a special broom is used to create a rough surface but other types of finishing methods can also be used, including stamps or exposed aggregate. After the finishing process is complete, the concrete must cure-a process that lasts 28 days. The first 48 hours are the most crucial to ensuring your project will last for years. You can walk across your concrete three or four days after it's poured and drive and park on it in five to seven days.


While concrete lasts for years and is virtually maintenance-free, there are some steps you can take to increase the life of your surfaces. Applying a quality sealer is an excellent way to ensure your project lasts for years. A sealer can be applied the same day the concrete is poured, or a month later. You can also wash your concrete with soap and water to reduce the chances of staining and discoloration.

If you're ready to ditch the old concrete at your Olympia or Lacey, WA, home, let the experts at R & M Enterprises provide you with a free estimate.